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Thanks to the Infinte Wisdom of our Lord and saviour Moot, we now have two different formats to post our game in motion with.


webm files are just video files that get their sound stripped out when they're posted on 4chan. They are functionally identical to gifs, but with a much better compression ratio, which naturally leads to longer, better looking loops.

Nowadays, you can just use WebmCam, which provides a point'n'shoot interface for grabbing screencaps. If that's too easy for you, the ~~right~~ old way to make webm files is to create video files using a screen capture tool, edit if them if necessary, and then convert them to webm. This is understandably a pain, but worth knowing how to do, in case you want to make a longer video to put on youtube, or are on a platform where webmcam doesn't exist.

Once you've gotten past this gauntlet you should have a webm as good as any other, as well as raw footage for any of your other video needs.


If that doesn't float your boat, you can always make crusty old gifs with these point-and-shoot tools.

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All free shit will either be labeled CC-NOPE meaning not actually "free" per se and will probably slam you with a C&D, CC-BY-NC, meaning it cannot be used commercially, or CC0 meaning do whatever the fuck you want. Note that I am using these as umbrella licenses and they may or may not actually apply.

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